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VT Systems specializes in providing aircraft modifications that boost efficiency both inside and outside the cabin. With more than 25 years of experience engineering the skies, VT Systems has serviced more than 8,000 aircraft, including those designed in-house as well as those developed by our customers and service partners. From commercial planes to high-capacity freight carriers, VT Systems focuses on enhancing the integrity of the aircraft to extend longevity and productivity.

External aircraft modification services include:

  • Complete airframe conversions
  • Structural aircraft modifications
  • Parts fabrication

Within the plane, VT Systems has a keen understanding of – and expertise in – repurposing aircraft cabins to be more comfortable for passengers and more efficient for freight carriers. Internal modifications and upgrades that enhance passenger experience include the expansion of internal cabin space and the upgrading of in-flight entertainment systems. VT Systems also specializes in repurposing passenger aircrafts into fully functional freight carriers.

The VT Systems family of companies provides a full spectrum of high quality, reliable and timely aircraft maintenance and modification (AMM) services and engineering solutions.

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