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The future of autonomous mobile robots is closer than you might think. In fact, it’s here today.

The TUG autonomous mobile robot from Aethon delivers goods and materials 24 hours a day in hospitals, manufacturing environments and hotels. This automation relieves staffing crunches, improves safety, as well as efficiency. Aethon is part of the VT Systems family and their robots make 5 million deliveries a year making it a proven, reliable and safe technology.

Comprehensive Solution – Proven and Ready Today

Aethon combines the TUG with a wide array of enabling technology to create a complete platform suitable for a fleet of robots including remote support, IT system integration, elevator and building system integration, automatic pickup and drop off and mobile handheld control.

  • Hospitals improve efficiency and patient care by allowing caregivers to focus on the patient and through the efficient delivery of medications and food, transport of laboratory specimens and removal of waste.
  • Manufacturers reduce costs by connecting islands of automation through automatic pickup, delivery and drop-off of supplies including raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods, tools, and waste.

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