A Better Clean for Aircraft and the Environment

VT Systems is well regarded for our family of companies’ award-winning EcoPower® engine wash – a patented, closed-loop engine wash system that uses pure, atomized water to wash engines for optimum efficiency. We have performed more than 75,000 washes for over 200 business, commercial, and military aircraft customers. This next-generation technology leads to a more environmentally friendly and efficient engine wash.

With no chemicals, spills, or engine wash effluent escaping into the ground, we strive to eliminate chemical runoff and potential hazardous threats to our environment. When used across our clients’ aviation fleets, EcoPower® reduces fuel by as much as 50 million gallons per year, provides an annual cost savings of $150 million, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 500,000 tons per year. VT Systems is a global leader in pioneering a cleaner aerospace industry.

The Benefits of Engine Cleaning with EcoPower

  • Lowers exhaust gas temperature (EGT) by up to 30° C
  • Improves thrust-specific fuel consumption (TSFC) by up to 1.8%
  • Cleans the compressor and the fan in one process
  • Uses only pure deionized / demineralized hot water
  • No high-power post-wash engine run
  • No contamination to aircraft air system or smell in passenger cabin
  • Extends on-wing time
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Our services are offered through a global network of on-airport locations, with mobile support available nearly anywhere. The technology is also available off the shelf as equipment-only to "do it yourself," and is compatible with most commercial and military aircraft engine models. 

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