The Highest Quality and Performance

VT Systems designs and builds the world’s highest quality maritime products, specializing in both ship design and construction. Our proven track record goes back over 60 years, building articulated tug-barges (ATBs), ferries, fireboats, tank/deck barges, tugboats, OSVs and special purpose vessels. We begin by utilizing the most advanced design and modeling software to render comprehensive project specs in CAD or 3D. As the largest designer and builder of small- to medium-sized ocean-bound vessels in the USA, we deliver a wide variety of customized vessels to customers around the world, no matter the project scope or requirements.

A State-of-the-Art Shipyard

Our shipbuilding, manufacturing, and production facilities:

  • Process over 27,000 tons of steel per year
  • Include an automated panel line capable of processing 17,000 tons of steel per year
  • Feature a 215,000-square-foot covered production area in our main fabrication building
  • Are capable of handling ships up to 700’ in length
  • Boast multiple cranes with lifting capacities over 300 tons
  • Maintain warehousing units for storing shipbuilding equipment and material

VT Systems plans and customizes total solutions for your marine needs. With pride in our legacy of experience and dedication, we stand by your project and deliver superior results at each stage of the ship’s lifecycle. We facilitate the design and creation of:

  • Logistics and offshore support vessels
  • High speed interdiction craft
  • Commercial vessels and passenger ferries
  • Tugs and barges

Turn to the trusted experience of VT Systems’ family of companies for turnkey vessel design, planning, and shipbuilding.

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