A Legacy of Success

With a 60-year tradition of designing and building the world’s highest quality maritime products, VT Systems’ family of companies brings full-service and leading-edge vessel repair, modification and conversion technologies to both government and commercial sectors. As part of our complete range of shipbuilding services, we specialize in structural repair and modification, valve and pipe repair, class regulations and surveys, electrical services, steel plate fabrication, paint and coating, and tank cleaning.

Our success is built on the complete integration of emerging technologies with over a half-century of marine project know-how. We inject this expertise into each vessel that leaves our docks, whether a commercial ship, logistic support vessel, surveillance and rescue vessel, defense and coastal craft, or passenger transport. Our greatest priority is the safety and security of the fleet – reducing risk and increasing interoperability while delivering to the Customer’s unique requirements.

Full-service Repair Yard Meets Modern Facilities and Tech

Our shipyards are the largest designer and builder of small- to medium-sized ocean-going vessels in the United States. With direct access to the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, our shipyards boast:

  • Dry-dock with a lifting capacity of 12,000 tons, 546’ length, 105’ inside clearance, and 46’ wingwall depth
  • Multiple cranes with a 300-ton capacity for heavy lifts
  • 42’ deep unobstructed channel from Bayou Casotte, Port of Pascagoula, to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Emergency lay-berthing from 330’ to 540’
  • Competitive rates and flexible labor force

The professional management and skilled craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect from the VT Systems family make our full-service ship repair and conversion services the best in the industry.

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