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Hackney Beverage

Hackney has been a mainstay in the beverage industry for over 70 years providing delivery solutions for some of America’s greatest brands. From soft drinks, to energy drinks, to sports drinks, to your favorite adult beverage, Hackney remains the leader in body and trailer beverage body design. Kidron insulated and refrigerated solutions further expand our reach into the beverage industry by providing solutions for wine and craft beer requiring temperature control.

Whatever your beverage delivery system needs or demands, Hackney is “Built To Take It”. Hackney expanded globally in 1992 to make Hackney products available to beverage companies outside of the United States.

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Hackney Emergency Vehicles

The emergency vehicle division specializes in Rescue, Hazmat, and Command Center custom body and trailer designs. We engineer vehicles for fire and police departments, mobile communications squads, the Department of Homeland Security, and more. Custom is standard with the VT Systems family of companies; we deliver road-ready products that are worthy of our nation’s first responders.

The core of our technology is the rugged, dependable frame that maximizes utilization of areas within the vehicle, cabin, or trailer. What was once unusable space is now put to work, becoming valuable storage for essential equipment and communications tools. We’ve reconfigured the way emergency response vehicles are engineered, making them more efficient, longer lasting, and built with the end-user in mind. With our proprietary compartment configurations and storage orientation, strength characteristics increase upwards of 2.8x the original frame rating, even with more of the vehicle being utilized. Communications and rack-mounted A/V systems are designed to establish fast tactical video surveillance and monitoring, recording, and video and audio display.

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Hackney Service Vehicles

Hackney Service bodies were designed in the field where the action is, with critical input from service oriented Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical contractors nationwide.

Blending a mix of functional utility, outstanding inventory control, highly flexible interiors and shelving, extra sharp appearance, impressive structural integrity and exceptional longevity was no easy task, but our customers and the Hackney engineering team were up to the challenge.

The result was a one of a kind service vehicle, modeled after the West Coast “Supertruck” concept, but with loads of unique Hackney innovations to make it adapt and excel in a variety of vocational applications and geographic locations.

Whatever your trade specialty is and whatever size truck you need, Hackney has a model for you. And because they all wear the name Performer, they stand to be the most productive and sales attracting vehicles in your fleet.

Hackney Vending

From conventional to pre-kitting, Hackney has a variety of bodies available to meet vending delivery needs. Options such as walk-in access, side load retrieval, and refrigeration provide Hackney with the capabilities to make your business successful.

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VT Hackney Aftermarket Parts

Hackney customers can count on us for better-than-ever aftermarket service with a product support organization that’s been combined under the umbrella of our VT Hackney ownership. Now more than ever, we’re the ones Hackney and Kidron customers can call for quick, accurate delivery of factory-authorized OEM parts.

That’s because VT Hackney Aftermarket represents well over a century of experience. Plus, we have the accumulated resources and buying power of both brands to make sure you get exactly the part you need – fast. In addition, you’re invited to check the benefits of our greater buying power to supply parts for other OEM equipment at highly competitive prices.

We are the only Hackney & Kidron OEM with the Original Replacement Parts engineered and designed for your fleet. 


VT Hackney thoroughly inspects each unit to be refurbished inside and out for damages to be repaired to insure the body or trailer is put back into service to its original specifications.  VT Hackney does not take any short cuts.  As the OEM manufacturer, VT Hackney has standards it has to meet to place the vehicle back to its original durability and aesthetics that represent the distributor’s product in a professional manner.

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