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At VT Systems, we pave the way for success in your aviation career. Through our family of companies, we deliver certified pilot training and instrument proficiency programs in order to ensure the safety and confidence of the next generation of pilots. Our training programs equip students for these career paths:

  • Airline Passenger Pilot
  • Airline Cargo Pilot
  • Charter, Private and Corporate Pilots
  • SUAS Pilot (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems under 55 lbs.)

Our Professional Career Pilot Program uses up-to-date fleet technology with Garmin1000s and Spider tracks for extra safety for all levels of training. We also offer a military to civilian conversion program for each pilot no matter their flight experience for military and accept the Veteran's, GI Bill. Our Professional Career Pilot Program for international students also is set up to help international students achieve their dream of a pilot career.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Train

With airline-oriented, total immersion training from day one, we enable students to achieve a pilot license in 12-15 months through top-notch instruction and hands-on practicums. Certified through the Federal Aviation Administration, we also offer financing and scholarships to help turn your dreams of becoming a pilot into reality. For veterans and former military rotor pilots seeking to convert military service into a civilian career, we extend additional VA benefits, discounts, and reimbursements.

Our strategic partnerships extend to ExpressJet, Skywest, Trans State Airlines, Compass, GoJet, and Republic Airlines, with commercial partners including FedEx and UPS cargo carriers. 

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